Una Familia Con Suerte Capitulo 130

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Mike confesses to Rebecca that he still loves, Pancho and lets face it alone Rebbe to think things

Mike (Roberto Palazuelos) reacts with a smile at the slap of Rebecca (Mayrin Villanueva) and invites him to speak. He ends up confessing that he still loves her, asks for forgiveness. Rebecca tells him that she hates and that his only plan is to marry Pancho (Arath de la Torre).

Pepe (Pablo Lyle) offers Monica (Violet Isfel) to wait a while to get better job, she can not believe that will be separated.

Pina (Daniela Castro) reach an agreement with Vicente (Sergio Sendel) for divorce. Properties are dealt, she gets custody of the 'Bee' and he has the right to visit his 'girl'. Pina finished off by saying that he wants out of her life forever.

Anna (Sherlyn) tells Mrs. Fer (Alicia Rodriguez) that they will always be her grandmother.

Pancho tells Rebecca that he met with Mike very unpleasant, Pancho gets angry and realizes that Rebbe is greatly affected. The concern and jealousy increase.

Candy (Alicia Machado) discovers Vicente 'ligand' with Violet (Cecilia Galiano) and two of them face.

Arnold (Julio Bracho) Pina kisses, she is hit with a kiss, but do not mind. Until he tells Freddy (Juan Diego Covarrubias) who kissed a man.

Pancho faces Mike, you take the tabs to tell you what he did to Rebecca. Lidia (Alejandra Procuna) tries to calm them, but wants to break Pancho face, but slows down when Mike says he confessed that he still loves Rebecca.

Mike Pancho prohibits approaching Rebbe or unresponsive, makes it clear that your relationship is strictly professional.

Rebecca is living one of the worst stages of his life, afraid of losing to Pancho.

Chela (Luz Elena Gonzalez) and Enzzo (Pedro Moreno) watch the sunset together, discovering the 'green light' to see the sunset. He tells you that they love and they kiss full of tenderness.

Pancho tells Rebecca that has to clarify his feelings, because it seems she is not sure of her love for him. Is removed, leaving her alone and desperate.

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