La Fuerza Del Destino Capitulo 99

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Antolin breakfast with Carolina, something happened and he left without explaining what you plan. Lucia Benito and spoke, he felt responsible for the kidnapping, but he says it's not their fault. Gordo Saul and thinking whether to kill Alex, El Gordo oppose eventually fleeing for his life.

Camilo tell what he knew and thought went looking for Alex. Carolina tried to convince Antolin did not see Alex. Antolin make a large order for women to sell quesadillas and delete data that El Gordo has a ranch in San Isidro. Ivan Camilo and meminya Antolin to do something. John comes from the United States asked for a ransom.

El Gordo y El Compadre discuss, talk about the child can identify and decide to kill Saul. Alex listened to them, intending to leave Saul to do so. Saul El Gordo awake, still drunk and asked him to feed him for Alex when they go for food. Alex Saul threw the food and forgot to put the keys, Alex exploits and escapes. David told Esther not to think about John James after all he is doing. Alex continues to run without knowing where it is.

El Gordo y El Compadre arrive and discover that Alex to flee, go get him. Saul thought ibagaimana collect ransom money, but El Gordo said Alex tells him that if he found someone, the money can be dismissed.

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