Rafaela Capitulo 110

Angel gives Rafaela the annulment of his marriage and divorce from Jose Maria, she runs to find his beloved
Angel (Ruben Zamora), with a few drinks over, says José María (Jorge Poza) Rafaela happy to do, he replies that will if she comes to forgive.

José María Rafaela want to be supporting, but it is impossible for the trip has to perform in Miami and still waiting for his forgiveness.

Porfirio (Jorge Alberto Bolaños) tells Caridad (Patricia Reyes Spindola) Rosalba (Tiare Scanda) and he already living together. Rosalba apologizes for not having visited before. Caridad is surprised but says Rosalba be happy.

Rafaela (Rogelio Guerra) suggests that hires a private nurse for Caridad, as it is the workload too much and is neglecting her marriage to Angel. Rafaela shows it is no longer with Angel.

Angel says goodbye to Rafaela, and returning to Chiapas, his birthplace.

Rafaela goes to Angel after inviting her to eat, it's your last day before returning to Chiapas. Meanwhile, Amanda says she will take care of Caridad, Rafaela accepted.

At dinner Angel thanks to Rafaela because she believes in love again. Doña Constanza thanks you made me happy his nephew. Before leaving, Angel gave her an envelope with a letter of cancellation of marriage and the divorce of José María. Runs after Jose Maria Rafaela, preventing it from going to Miami.

Mireya receives the news that Jose Maria went to Miami.

Rafaela shows the divorce Jose Maria and he formally requested to be your girlfriend.

At a dinner in which they are all together, Rafaela gets excited and gives them the news again is happy side of José María.
Jose Maria Rafaela and decide to go looking for Porfirio Rosalba's bar to know what's going on. Did you discover?
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